What will Oil Springs Ollie say about spring?

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Oil Spring’s Ollie is getting ready for his yearly weather prediction.

The groundhog from Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue in Oil Springs is the main attraction this weekend as the village celebrates Groundhog Day.

Last year, Ollie was introduced to the community in what is now becoming an annual event.

Peggy Jenkins of the rescue says people attending this weekend’s event may notice that Ollie has put on some weight.

The groundhog is now two years old and has grown to normal groundhog size about 10 to 12 pounds.

Jenkins says being part of the Groundhog Day activities is a good opportunity for the wildlife rescue to educate people about creatures they may only see sprinting across the local farm fields.

“It raises awareness and we can tell the benefits of groundhogs,” she says noting their dens often become homes for other animals like foxes and skunks which help control the rodent population.

And she says Ollie is always a big hit saying people tell her “they’ve never seen a groundhog up close.”

People will get a chance to see Ollie at a fundraising breakfast Sunday morning at the Oil Springs Youth Centre from 9 to 12pm. Then on Monday, Ollie will make his prediction on whether spring will be early at 9am.