New canoe launch being built in Petrolia

Bridgeview Park, Petrolia

Bridgeview Park North, Petrolia

It will be a lot easier for people to paddle the waters of Bear Creek this spring.

Petrolia is adding a canoe launch on the north side of Bridgeview Park. “We were approached by canoe enthusiasts,” says David Menzies, director of community services in Petrolia. There had been a canoe launch in the same area several decades ago but more recently groups such as the Scouts had been launching their vessels on the south side.

“We talked to the Cubs and Scouts also and the offered to help install and maintain it,” says Menzies adding they will help install in the spring and remove it in the fall.

“There is $4,000 to $5,000 set aside for construction and parks and rec staff will maintain it install in spring and take out in the fall,” he says noting the public works staff has already been working on a U-shaped drive in mid-December and has leveled the area where the dock will be placed in the spring.

The town commissioned J. Duff Industries to build the structure which will rise and fall with the water levels.

Council approved the project Dec. 22.

“This should make things a lot safer,” says Menzies adding it fits with the town’s goals of making sure more people are active in the community by getting them outdoors.

The new canoe launch is expected to be ready for spring use.


  1. Unless there are plans in the works for a skate park for the children here i honestly believe the money would be better spent on a brand new skate park this so called skate park on the ripped up tarmac on fairbanks parking lot leaves alot to be seen
    thanks for listening

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