McCabe resigns as Inwood chief


Don McCabe has resigned as the chief of the Inwood Fire Department.

Brooke-Alvinston Council accepted a resignation letter from the Inwood farmer who now is the president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture recently.

While McCabe says his new position does keep him busy, he was prepared to continue on as chief. But the department held an election for the position on Jan. 12 and former chief and the current deputy chief Rob Howlett was elected over McCabe.

So he offered his resignation.

McCabe, who served as chief for about five years, was one of the people who convinced municipal council to invest in a new rescue truck for the Inwood Department. He believes he leaves the position of chief with a better-equipped operation.

“The volunteer fire departments all over Lambton County are exposed to the exact same concerns of liability of keeping people up to date and trained…the same as a professional department. It is an absolute necessity that municipality and departments are working well together with the constraints of local funds we have to make sure people are well trained.”

“I’m very thankful ….for the addition to the department,” added McCabe “especially when it comes to protective gear to the department and also to get a new rescue truck for the department.”

McCabe admits that wasn’t an easy sell.

“The question was why would someone need a rescue truck of that caliber in Inwood. The world of firefighting is changing dramatically; the nature of the calls coming to the department requires that level of equipment…very difficult role right now

“It’s not just showing up and grabbing on to the end of a hose.”

McCabe thanked council for its support of the department during his time as chief.