Four left homeless in Brigden blaze

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St. Clair Township Firefighters are still on the scene (1:30am) after a fire destroyed a triplex in Brigden.

Chief Walt Anderson says the owner was trying to unthaw some pipes in the building was was a 140 year old former creamery when the wall caught fire.

The owner alerted the other residents and firefighters say the smoke detectors were sounding when the firefighters arrived around 5:30 pm.

Anderson says they tried to contain the blaze but in the end were not able to stop the flames from consuming the building.

Victims Services and the Canadian Red Cross were called in to help. Nearby residents were asked to leave their homes for sometime as the fire raged.


2 Responses to “Four left homeless in Brigden blaze”

  1. Lambton resident

    Thank you seems too little of a reward . It wasn’t my house, I was not affected directly. But I benefit from knowing that if it was my emergency the efforts of the men and women in all the lambton communities that step forward to answer the call will be there for me too. Even in the frigid cold, blistering summer or pouring rain. Thank you to volunteer firefighters for providing excellent service and really, your not just saving from harm and losses. I think we too easily forget that volunteer firefighters save the communities in providing a much lower cost of protection allowing for communities to have more funds for infrastructure and leisure – thank you !