Kids on First Street may catch bus to LCCVI


Parents expressed concern about walking from First on Tile Yard and Glenview to the school


Petrolia Town Councilor Grant Purdy says there may be an alternative to parents from First Street driving their kids to school.

Two weeks ago, a local man asked the town consider a walkway to connect First Avenue to the sidewalks near LCCVI. He says many parents drive their children to school because without sidewalks, they feel it is hazardous. Glenn Williams wants to encourage people to walk.

Town officials investigated a walkway in the area before but it would have cost $500,000 to build.

“It didn’t seem like a pedestrian access was in the offing,” says Purdy who called the local school board after noticing a bus traveling on First Ave with only one student in them.

“If we phone transportation services, there is a possibility of reserving some courtesy seats so the kids in that area may be able to catch a bus.

“That’s not going to solve the problem of the leisurely walk but it would mitigate safety concerns for kids traveling to school.”