Central Lambton politicians worried about ‘dismal’ rate of property crimes solved

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If someone breaks into a Brooke-Alvinston or Dawn-Euphemia home or business, there is a very good chance it will never be solved.

Lambton OPP recently released 2014 statistics for the clearance rates of crime in the municipality. In 2014, in Brooke-Alvinston the OPP solved all of the violent crimes reported – 13 in all – and 80 per cent of the crimes not considered property offences – four out of five.

But of the 36 property crimes reported in the year, only seven were ever cleared – just under 20 per cent.

The numbers are even bleaker in Dawn-Euphemia. Again, the three violent crimes on the books were solved, however on three of 28 property crimes were solved, just 10.7 per cent.

“That’s disturbing,” says Councillor Leslea Williams. “It’s dismal at best.”

In Brooke-Alvinston, councillors were also worried about the statistic. “Do we have to pay if they can’t solve it,” asked Councillor Frank Nemcek when council recently reviewed the numbers.

“You’re still paying,” replied Mayor Don McGugan .

“If they can’t solve the problem, why do we have to pay?” Nemcek joked.

But the question may not just be in jest soon. In 2015, the municipality will be paying a fee for each call the OPP attends as well as a flat rate per household.

In Dawn-Euphemia, Williams has suggested the Lambton OPP Inspector be asked to come to council and explain the numbers and give ideas of how property owners can protect themselves.