A new sign marking the entry to Lambton County could be gracing the 402 Highway next year.

Lambton County politicians recently approved the 10 foot high by 20 foot wide sign to be built along the 402 near the Nauvoo Road Exit during budget deliberations.

Staff suggested the sign – which bears the name Lambton County and the Discoveries that Matter logo and will cost about $75,000 to build – be placed on a hill just before the exit. The land would have to be purchased.

“If the sign is placed on private property alongside the highway, it may be possible to increase the dimensions to provide improved visibility,” says Jason Cole, manager of public works, in a report to the committee. “The Gateway Sign is intended enhance the community by clearly and elegantly recognizing the major entry point. The vibrant colouring on a contrasting background is designed to be easily legible from a distance and recognizable to motorists at freeway speeds with minimal distraction.”

St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold likes the design “It’s simple and to the point. It’s exactly what we’re going for.”

He suggested the county look at solar lighting for the sign .