Sinclair’s perfect game

Kaitlyn Sinclair

Enniskillen Express alumni Kaitlyn Sinclair has done what few pitchers accomplish – she’s played a perfect game.

The senior at Spring Arbor University in western Michigan accomplished the feat Saturday during a double header with Bethel University in Mishawak, Indiana.

“We won the first game 11-3. I pitched the second game, we were getting ahead and I was feeling pretty good,” she tells The Independent. “I realized in the fourth inning I had a perfect game going.

“I thought ‘Hey, this is only their second time through the line up; I’m doing pretty good here.”

And then Sinclair had the inevitable thought: “Now I’m going to blow it now that I know it.

“It definitely became a mind game at that point. I was just taking it one pitch at a time. I was thinking ‘make this pitch, make a good pitch and let it happen.’”

Sinclair says strong offense by her teammates helped seal the deal. “They played really well behind me,” she says adding at one point a hit came right back to me, hit her in the foot but the shortstop grabbed the ball and made the out to save the perfect game.

The Spring Arbor ended up winning the game 12-0  and the game was called after five innings under the mercy rule.

The perfect game – Sinclair’s first in her career – also lead her to be named the Pitcher of the Week in the Crossroad’s League.

So far, the Cougars have an overall record of 13-9 on the season and are 4 -0 in Conference play, good for first place.