Paddlers prepare for Sydenham River Race April 17th


The Sydenham River near Shetland will be a busy place next weekend as the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority hosts the 43rd annual Sydenham River Canoe and Kayak Race.

While the races are open to all – including local politicians who get into an canoe for the fun of it – it also has a very competitive side.

The 16 kilometre races include three expert classes – Men’s, Mixed and Kayak. The race is sanctioned by the Ontario Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racers Association. It is the first race of the season.

In the seven kilometre races, the classes are Recreation – Competitive, Recreation – Lazy River, V.I.P., Touring (the over 50 crowd), and Kayak – Novice. The 12 km races include Men’s Amateur, Kayak Amateur, and Open (Ladies and Mixed).

Paddlers must supply their own canoe or kayak and safety equipment.

The Sunday morning fun April 17 is cosponsored by the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority and its foundation.

Paddlers are being asked, on a voluntary basis, to seek sponsors for their efforts. The funds raised will be used to help support outdoor education for school children in the St. Clair region.

The race begins on Mosside Road just west of County Road 79 north of Cairo finishes at the Shetland Conservation Area on Bentpath Line.

All  races begin at 11:20 a.m. If there is poor weather, organizers will explain whether the race goes ahead at 882-2399.