Significant brush cut at Lamrecton before celebration


When Lamrecton Park opens to Plympton-Wyoming residents there will be a lot fewer trees.

The former summer camp was donated to the municipality last year and council has decided to open it to the public for day use. The camp, which includes several buildings including cabins and a meeting hall, also has a beach.

The 2016 budget set aside $10,000 to prepare the park for day use including $5,000 to cut trees.

Public Works Superintendent Adam Sobanski says they’ve found there is a lot of brush and dead trees which need to be cleared away.

“It may be more than 50 per cent of the tree cover,” he recently told council. “There are a lot of distressed trees that need to be cleaned up.”

Three work crews were to be called in to complete the job.

Sobanski says work crews should complete the work before June 5, a day set for a community celebration for former Lamrecton campers to say goodbye to the camp.