Petrolia’s downtown construction starts Monday

Birnam Construction crews working on the water at the corner of Petrolia Line and Greenfield Street in November 2015.

Construction on the second phase of Petrolia Line will begin Monday.

The fencing for construction will go up on Petrolia Line between Victoria Park and Centre Street (the main intersection) Monday.

Business owners on Petrolia Line from Centre Street to Eureka have also been notified their water will be off between 9 am and 4 pm Monday as construction crews lay the ground work of a temporary water line.

Petrolia’s Director of Operations, Mike Thompson, says the shutdown is “short term pain” to build the temporary system to avoid the multiple water breaks business owners dealt with in the first phase of the construction.

Thompson says there was “no thought” to having the work take place on a weekend since that would require paying the contractor a premium and would be extremely expensive.