New website promotes tennis play


Petrolia tennis booster Matt Mueller has found another way to promote tennis. He’s designed a program and a website called Play It Forward to encourage people to get out and play the game.

“It’s pretty much exactly the same thing as paying it forward except you play tennis with someone. Then they have to play with someone else and then they play with somebody else. The website, which keeps track of the players, he set up himself and it took him a lot longer than expected.

The first week, six games were registered, mostly games Mueller played himself. The website is getting a little extra exposure.

It was one of the the things talked about in an article for Ontario Tennis Magazine about the Petrolia teen. It will be handed out to everyone attending the Rogers Cup this week. Mueller hopes the article spurs some players to go on line.

“It is just to spread the game and get more people aware of it so people see how good a sport it is.”