Petrolia Line won’t be complete until early November

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Rain is scuttling the plans to complete the reconstruction of Petrolia Line by the end of October.

Contractor Henry Heyink was confident just last week that the work could be completed on time, says Mike Thompson, director of operations. Then, the rain started.

“With five days of rain, they’ve lost time,” Thompson told council Monday. He says completing by the end of this week is, in his opinion, “not achievable” with the situation being complicated by the fact one of the subcontractors involved with the concrete work has other jobs out of town.

The work is progressing; curbs on the second phase from King Street to Kerby were poured Monday. The sidewalks were expected to go in Tuesday. The weather was good for construction but the concrete sub-contractor was not available. By Friday, some of the sidewalks had been laid in the construction zone.

“The contractor was pretty confident even last week it would be done on time but now, with the weather, I highly doubt it.” Instead Thompson expects the work could be complete in the first week of November.