Local food festival being planned for Alvinston



Gillian Boere wants to have a celebration of local food in Alvinston.

The Brooke-Alvinston teacher is part of a committee hoping to organize a street festival in November which would feature some of the best food and beverages the area has to offer.

Boere went to Brooke-Alvinston Council recently to talk about the idea. She says the group has been working with a local restaurant on River Street which will cater the event using food and beverages from the area. “We want it to be a farm to street feast,” she told councillors. “We want to bring everyone together in our community to get out the names of people in our community which provide food… we’ll source everything locally.”

Boere said the event will also include local artists and artisans. There will also be a band on hand.

Boere and her group hope to hold the evening event on Aug. 21 – a Monday – so they don’t interfere with the regular business at the restaurant.

Boere says the event is in the early planning stages but she hopes to gain council’s support to close River St. from Railroad to Centre Street that night. All the money raised at the event will go to the Optimist’s arena project.