Plympton-Wyoming fire chief has council’s “complete confidence” after surveillance concerns


Plympton-Wyoming’s Chief Administrative Officer says town council has “complete confidence in the work of our Fire Chief Steve Clemens.”

That after the chief was placed on leave last week.

CAO Carolyn Tripp confirmed at thw time Clemens was on leave but did not say why.

But sources told The Independent the chief was allegedly eavesdropping on conversations of firefighters with electronic surveillance in the Wyoming fire hall.
When Clemens was hired in Dec. 2016, there was some controversy. Just after Clemens was hired, the Wyoming chief and deputy chief, Mike Vasey and Ron Vanderburght, stepped down from the leadership positions even though there would be station chief positions under the new management structure.
At the time, Vasey said he had applied for the new position but was not interviewed because he lacked one qualification. Vanderburght stepped down saying he didn’t want to take over the chief’s position when Vasey left.
The moves led to tension in the Wyoming hall for months. Then, this week, sources say the municipality sent information technology workers to the hall to look into the claim of surveillance after council members were notified of a concern by someone in a leadership position. He’d heard the concerns from “multiple firefighters.”

In a news release issued today, Tripp says the town has completed an independent third party at the Wyoming Fire Hall.

“Council has considered all of the evidence and the information provided and the matter does not require any further review. The matter has now been closed.”

The news release went on to say council has complete confidence in the work of the chief and that he will return to work immediately.

Tripp added the details of the investigation will be kept confidential due to privacy issues.



  1. Why wasn’t Mike Vasey interviewed for this position?? This is very concerning to Wyoming residents. He should of been given the opportunity.

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