Heavy damage in Dawn-Euphemia near Bothwell after Thursday’s storm

A chicken wanders around the fallen trees and heavy equipment in John and Darlene Baresich's backyard on Bentpath Line as the family tried to clean up nine trees which fell during Thursday's storm

Five families and one business are cleaning up in Dawn-Euphemia after Thursday night’s powerful storms.

More than 20 mature trees were toppled, several onto homes, and power lines were downed during the heavy rain and high winds south of Bothwell.  A sawmill on CPR Road lost part of its roof.

Residents say the high winds had a definite path, but they don’t believe it was a tornado. No one saw a funnel cloud and the trees are snapped or have been pushed over, not twisted off.

While two homes ended up with trees on top of them, the buildings weren’t damaged and the Dawn-Euphemia residents stayed in their homes overnight.

The Baresich family pulled together to move three trees which had fallen on Bentpath Road so traffic could pass. Hydro One crews were repairing downed lines this afternoon on Bentpath Road near Haggerty Line.

The pickup truck in the Baresich’s shed on Bentpath Line was shoved sideways by the wind as it blew out the door of the implement shed.
Robert and Shelley Atwell lost four mature trees including the one which landed on their home. The family says there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the house.