Brooke Fire Rescue considered for new department name


Brooke-Alvinston’s new fire chief says Brooke Fire Rescue is being considered for the new name of the merged departments.
Jeff McArthur became the new administrative chief of both of Brooke-Alvinston’s departments in August. He’s charged with bringing both the Alvinston and Inwood volunteers together. On the top of the list is a new name and McArthur says so far the firefighters like ‘Brooke Fire Rescue.’
“It’s short and sweet and easy to say,” he recently told council.
Councillor Wayne Deans, an Inwood firefighter, says everyone seems to be in agreement about the name, although it is not official yet.
McArthur says when the final decision is made the name will begin to appear on uniforms and fire trucks over a period of a number of years.
McArthur added firefighters would soon all receive the same training in the same week, so if they can’t make training night at their hall, they can go to the neighbouring hall instead.