Soybean crop not what was expected


It’s is the opposite of last year and not in a good way.
Kevin Marriott, director of the Lambton Grain Farmers, says this year’s soybean crop is surprising a lot of people. “Last year we were surprised it was a lot better than it looked. This year, it is much worse than it looked.”
Yields are down so much in most of Lambton, he says, there will likely be farmers applying for crop insurance. “It’s unbelievable,” says Marriott. “You get in the combine and in the field and you see how bad it is.”
Marriott says normally the average soybean yield in this area is about 50 bushels per acre. Some farms in the west of Lambton got enough rain to reach the average yield. But many are only bringing in 35 to 38 bushels per acre. Last year, the crop yielded about 60 bushels per acre.
Marriott says the cold, wet start to the year and the lack of rain in August is mostly to blame. “I don’ know which was worse, the wet spring or the dry August; both had a hand in it.”
Marriott says the roots of the plants didn’t get a chance to develop properly and that means the plant doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs.
On top of the poor yield, prices are down, making what they have less valuable, he added.
Marriott says if there is an upside to this bean season is the crop is coming off early enough that next year’s wheat crop is going into the ground under excellent conditions.