Town resident calls for independent audit of Petrolia’s books


Jenn Nesbitt says the investigation at Petrolia’s town hall should go much deeper than just the issue of the CAO’s buildings.
The town’s chief administrative officer is on paid administrative leave as an integrity commissioner looks into his ownership of two buildings which the town now pays utilities or rent. The CAO did not disclose his ownership of the buildings to council.
Nesbitt was one of about 30 citizens who came to Petrolia’s council meeting Monday morning.  It had been rescheduled for 10 am so local students could be part of the meeting during local government week.
Nesbitt asked council if there would be an independent audit of the town’s books in the wake of the revelations. “Will it include a full independent audit of town books as well?” she asked. “Records, finances and all that.”
Mayor John McCharles responded “nothing else” but the buildings would be part of the investigation.
Nesbitt told The Independent after the meeting:“This should not just be about one person… there are conflicts all over the map.”
Councillor Grant Purdy has already suggested an external auditor be called in.
“When the outcome of the investigation is done, if the investigation reveals wrong doings on those two matters, then I will definitely be asking for a full audit of all town books,” he says.


  1. Why would this mud slinging be published by the Independent? Ms Nesbitth is making accusations without any specifics or element of proof. She is painting all city staff with the same paintbrush which is dishonest and unfair.

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