Deer on the prowl – 11 crashes in three days


Deer season is in full swing.
Lambton OPP say there were 11 car/deer accidents over the weekend in the county.
Police say the accidents happen each year at this time as the animals are breeding, feeding and being hunted in the region in the fall and into December.
Police are warning drivers the deer are very active this time of year and you need to be constantly on the lookout for the animals.
Police offer these tips.
• Scan the road ahead from shoulder to shoulder. Deer are particularly active in the fall, especially at dawn and dusk. Deer rarely travel alone, so when motorists see one there are likely more nearby.
• Watch your speed and be careful when driving at night. Slowing down will give you more time to respond.
• Brake firmly if an animal is standing on or crossing the road, stopping if necessary. Swerving to avoid hitting a wild animal may result in loss of control and a more serious collision.
• Do not direct your full attention to the animal when you try to avoid hitting it. Instead, focus your attention on the alternative route you decide to take, again only if this maneuver doesn’t place you and others in danger.