Petrolia’s CAO resigns

Petrolia CAO Manny Baron, seen here during a 2015 budget session, has resigned.

Petrolia’s chief administrative officer has resigned.

Council accepted his resignation after nearly a two hour in camera session Monday where councillors heard from Investigator John Fleming.

Fleming was called in after The Independent reported the CAO owned two buildings being used for town purposes. The town was paying rent for a storage building on 395 Fletcher St. It was paying utilities on The Rec Room Youth and Seniors Centre on Robert St. Manny Baron didn’t reveal to council he owned the buildings through a numbered company.

Mayor John McCharles read out a news release after the in camera session, listing the items Baron helped the town achieve including the rebuilding of Petrolia Line and the replacement of the waste water treatment plant.

“We appreciate his contributions to the town in this regard and wish him well. I will not be commenting on the circumstances that led to his resignation.” he added.

The investigator told The Independent his report into Baron’s action would not be released.

Deputy Clerk Mandi Pearson will be the Interim CAO while Tim L. Dobbie Consulting Ltd. searches for a new CAO.


  1. this is so wrong we the tax payer has a right to the circumstances that led to his resignation.. and also to see the bills for hydro on this building, I find is way to high, when the average household pays less then 200.00 dollars a month.. there is so much more hidden …

  2. Afterall why should the public that voted these people in as taxpayers have the right to know about the CAO that the elected officials hired and the taxpayers pay. If there is nothing to hide why is everything not transparent ?

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