Watford retirement home worries neighbours

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Warwick Council is looking for more information about a retirement home in Watford.
Neighbours of Victoria Manor have recently started a petition concerned the home is not properly staffed and residents are not receiving good care.
Posts to a Facebook group detail incidents of home residents walking in the middle of the road and approaching neighbours asking them to call an ambulance because they’re ill.
Some are visibly soiled.
One account says a resident walked over to a home asking for an ambulance while the owner of the residence watched. He yelled over not to pay attention to her.
A petition is now circulating in the area listing the common concerns of people urinating on lawns, wandering onto private property, and people screaming throughout the night. The petition demands the owners of the home address the issues and that the township council helps to get the situation under control.

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13 Responses to “Watford retirement home worries neighbours”

  1. helen ritchie

    this is disgusting! i have always heard they didnt have the best reputation but this is become a dangerous situation….perhaps the health board should be there to investigate

  2. James Skinner

    Please get the health board for retirement issues. We had one in Kingston whose licence was revoked. Fairfield East

    • Sarah Young

      I have been volunteering there for yrs. Marilyn was elderly and had a bad reputation.
      Rhoda does a great job and really care about those people. Give her a chance. They have hired new workers and I will working and not volunteering. We should all do our part in helping others in need .

  3. Jenn

    The conditions therr have been a poling since 2000 when I worked there
    All these allegations are true I thought something was done about this year’s ago
    I feel so bad for the elderly there may God bless them all

    • Sarah Young

      I have been there lately and Rhoda has really cleaned it up.

  4. Berni

    This place should absolutely be shut down. In 2013 when the RHRA began inspecting retirement homes this home was audited and the recommendation then was that it was not fit to be operational on any level and that she should find appropriate placement for her then 6 residents. Also claiming to be a nurse but has not held a license since 1989.

  5. Kendra Zielinski


    I am a resident of the Watford Renaissance home. The staffing here is well taken care of and residents are well taken care of also. During the event of the man named John calling an ambulance, I was there and he did need more care and has been moved elsewhere to where he can be taken care of. Basically my input here is defending the home as I see the help they provide for the community (including myself) and the owners are amazing and they are genuinely here for good reasons with good intentions to help people.

    Thank you!


  6. Catrina

    Look up the retirement home act legislation on internet. It should give you a contact number to have the home inspected. If owner(s) do not comply or fix citations within time frame then they can close the home and relocate the resisdents to proper care.

    • iadmin

      That’s right Catrina, however right now Victoria Manor is not a registered retirement home so it is not under the act.

  7. John

    Providing any adequate housing for those in need is a big challenge today.

    Not only have we provided beyond adequate housing, we are proud to say we provide family-like treatment to our residence. Those with mental and physical challenges need assistance with food, medication management, and a helping hand around the way. The assistance provided is vital for their day to day lives. Our residents love the community and their home; you can ask any of them at any time.

    As a new owner, and on behalf of new managment, I would love to thank those in the community who have volunteered their time and resources and thank those who have donated furniture, clothing and equipment. Your help and support has been a blessing to our residents.
    I also would encourage those in the community that would like to help and support to continue to do so. We are always looking for new ideas, volunteers, support staff and employees.

    The services provided by Watford
    Renaissance are to serve those in the Lambton County and Local commmunity that need assistance in their day to day lives. We also give back to the community by providing residences, employment and a boost to the local economy.

    All are welcome to visit our website at http://www.watfordrenaissance.com or even better; pop in and say hello for more information.


    • Jay

      Wow you clearly know nothing the pictures on the website ate not of anyone that’s ever been there nor is there a doctor or nurse there. Get real and stop trying to con our community into thinking that you are trying to help.you don’t even help here you just bring people into watford from other places, I’m not saying that they don’t need help they do they just don’t need the help that you can provide. Charging someone 1800$ a month to feed them with no nursing care is rediculus

  8. Sarah Young

    Let’s all do our part in helping others. If you are a Christian then act like one. A little tolerance goes a long way. With shortage of space in long-term care facilities, where would
    these people go?