McGuire wants more natural gas in Dawn-Euphemia


Mark McGuire is taking his first run at municipal politics.
The Dawn-Euphemia man hopes to win a seat around the council table Oct. 22.
Why did you decide to run?
What kind of got me interested in politics, I was in the racehorse business for years…and the Liberal government cancelled the slots agreement with the race tracks. I went on a bus trip to Queen’s Park – that made me sort of pay attention to politics. I got tired of being on the sidelines and talking about it. I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.
What is the biggest issue in this municipal election?
McGuire says he isn’t aware of some of the local issues including the long standing concerns about sewage in Florence and the municipality’s efforts to find a solution the Ministry of the Environment approves of. “I’m kind of at a disadvantage from the other councillors because they know all the goings on.”
Is there something you would like to accomplish over the next four years?
“When I filed, the clerk asked me what my agenda was and I said I really didn’t have one. She said a lot of people who run they have an agenda and they run because they’re mad about something…I said I don’t have anything like that.
“There is one thing you’ve likely heard about; Doug Ford and Monte McNaughton are saying they’re going to promote more rural natural gas. Union Gas is the biggest industry in Dawn and there are a ton of people…who don’t have natural gas in Dawn-Euphemia.
How do you convince the government to invest in Dawn-Euphemia?
“You have to hit them people up but I think I would be hitting up Union Gas. They make a fortune off our township, why not put a little back in it, right?”
What qualities do you have that would make you a good municipal councillor?
“I’ve been a boiler maker for the past 37 years, the last 20 years have been general foreman…I have to deal with manpower, the client, other subcontractors; make sure stuff gets done….there were talking contractors are so hard to deal with they do what they want – not in my world….I think I could help in that situation.”