Thompson believes job equips him for Plympton-Wyoming council


The decision to run for a position on Plympton-Wyoming council wasn’t a fast one for Mike Thompson.
The 45 year-old Wyoming man says he’s considered running for council for 20 years.
But Thompson says after four years working for the Town of Petrolia as the director of operations, he believes he now has the skills to help the community has served on the parks board and the minor baseball executive in a new way.
Why did you want to run for council?
“It has always interested me. I have talked about it with my wife for probably 20 years. I kind of got a bit of a flavor for it with parks board and with my experience with my present job, I believe I’m equipped to give back at the strategic level as far as being a councillor. I just want to be a part of something.”
Is there an issue that you are hearing as you’re going door-to-door that you feel is the biggest issue in Plympton-Wyoming?
“If you’re out by the lake, the hot topic is development. (Developers are looking for approval to build up to 1,200 homes north of Lakeshore Road in the future.) If you’re in town (Wyoming), the hot topic would be either crossing guards or ball diamonds …Plympton-Wyoming is a diverse community and no matter who you talk to you get different ideas as to what the hot topics are.”
Is there an issue over the last four years that you wished you had a vote on?
“Not in particular. I just want to be involved. I have a keen understanding of what should happen in a municipality, what can happen in a municipality and the limitations are…I just want it (Plympton-Wyoming) to grow and be prosperous and make sure my kids come back here.”
What do you think the key to get kids to return to Plympton-Wyoming?
Thompson says he talks constantly with his three kids about coming back to the area when they’re adults because there are good jobs available in the community. He thinks by “making their experience when they’re kids something they never forget” will make them want to return.
Has municipal council taken the right direction on the issue of development on the lakeshore?
“I’ve tried to educate myself for the last year on that issue. I know people have talked about the OMB hearings…we have to work in conjunction with our partners at the county (Lambton County planners provide services to Plympton-Wyoming) and rely on their expertise in order to move forward.”
What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good councillor?
“I think I’m approachable. I think I’m honest. I’ve lived here for a long time. I think I’m in tune with what people want and need. I’m in tune with people my age but also rural farmers and people of different ages.”