White wants improvements in downtown Watford


Todd White wants to see some of the project Warwick Township Council started, completed.
The businessman and farmer is seeking a third term in the Oct. 22 election.
Why did you decide to seek a third term?
“We have a lot of good things going but it takes time to come to fruition. We’ve been really working on residential development, getting our team in place – we have a great team at the township – and that has taken some time as well as building infrastructure locally.”
White says they worked with Brooke-Telecom on high speed internet “part of a necessary infrastructure to have.”
He adds “moving forward downtown redevelopment and Centennial Hall redevelopment are the two things were hoping to land well.
Council recently passed the Community Improvement Plan with incentives for downtown Watford – how do you encourage people to buy buildings in the downtown?
“We looked at some of the other communities in the area..we’ve got ideas around encouraging landlords to let the space go to a small business similar to the Art Shoppe to have it look occupied..allow us to put someone else in there and when it does work, we find them another space.”
The province has said it is trying to bring natural gas to rural areas, there was a project in Warwick that fell through, is there interest to attract something now?
White says many rural landowners are interested in getting natural gas not just for heating but for drying crops. “It’s something that we will always continue to pursue, it’s something we’ll keep lobbying for. We have to keep knocking on those doors.”