Mitchell wants to be part of the team in Warwick


Colin Mitchell wanted be part of the progressive team in Warwick Township.
The 37 year-old salesperson at the local Home Hardware is running for a councillor’s position in election which is wide-open election after Mayor Todd Case decided not to seek re-election.
Why did you decide to run for council?
“I just saw an opportunity. With Todd stepping down and a mayoral race happening for the first time in 20 years, I just thought I would step in to help steer the ship based on a really great precedent of teamwork under Todd. I thought it would be a great group of people to work with.”
Is there a particular issue you’re interested in tackling if you are elected?
“The whole package from the budget to the community discourse around the new hall, it all is equally interesting.”
What concerns are residents talking about?
“I know the Centennial Hall issue is big on people’s minds right now, because it seems like there are no decisions coming to the table. But it is just part of the process, is what my understanding is. What people want to see in that facility is a big thing. I know the gun club (which is currently housed in the basement of Centennial Hall) is a big consideration.” There is concern the club will be forced out of a new facility.
“There is some concern about the odours emanating from the Twin Creeks landfill has been a major community concern that I’ve been hearing.”
Mitchell adds the smell from the bio solids at Lasalle Agri is also a concern.
What do you think of the option of building the new Centennial Hall onto the arena?
“I’m not sure because I haven’t been involved in any of the decision making, but I would image building onto the arena might help bring down the capital costs.”
The other issue that is top of mind is the state of Watford’s downtown. Council has put incentives in place but there are not a lot of people chomping at the bit to invest in the old buildings. How do you attract people to do that?
“I don’t really know. I know what I would like to see – I would like to see it revitalized but with a small demographic to draw from and effectively sell to…with today’s technology, I don’t know if it is viable or not. I think local people can make a great difference.
“An example is the Art Shoppe. Francis (Martin) is a great example of making a living for himself and engaging the people around him. So maybe it is more cooperatives and collectives like that who need to come in…the more you can engage your community base the better.”
Do you have any particular personal characteristics which will make you a good municipal councillor?
“My way of listening to my colleagues and my ability to make concessions and my ability to be part of a team, listening and articulating my point of view while begin charitable to the opinions of others.”