Everaert worries ballots vulnerable to fraud St. Clair


One of St. Clair Township’s mayoral candidates is raising concerns about the security of mail-in ballots after finding some in a blue box at the post office.
Brian Everaert – one of three people challenging incumbent Steve Arnold for the mayor’s seat – says he noticed a number of the mail-in ballots had been thrown out and were easily accessible to anyone walking in. He says that could easily lead to voter fraud.
Everaert brought it up Tuesday with the township clerk during a session on voting. The clerk later texted Everaert to say he’d been to the post office to collect any unwanted ballots.
Arnold, who was on council when the mail-in procedure started, said council had asked the postal outlets to remove garbage cans during the election period and “asked to make sure they were secured.”
And while Arnold admits that ballots could be left out, “if a person wants to illegally vote…there is nothing stopping them… Maybe the candidates who are the most concerned are the ones who might do it.”
This is the fourth election mail-in ballots have been used. Arnold said when it was first considered security concerns were raised but the fears were eased after the vote was complete.
Everaert says he wanted to make his worries public before the election, lest it seem like sour grapes later. He says the system is vulnerable and should be reexamined.
“Why have we spent all this money on a system that isn’t secure. With the public, perception is everything…We have to give the public the feeling this is secure.”
He adds voting is the most important right we have. “It’s what keeps us equal, it’s what keeps government right and fair.”