Gray hopes to win first term as Dawn-Euphemia councillor


Ann Gray hopes to continue helping the citizens of Dawn-Euphemia.

Gray, 51, was appointed to fill a vacancy left by the departure of Paul LeBoeuf in Dec. 2017. The school custodian and bus driver says she still has a lot to learn and would like to continue as a councillor.

Why did you run for council?

I think I’ve learned a lot in the last six months and I wanted to continue on.

What are the big issues in this election?

Gray says resolving the problems with Florence’s sewage going into the Sydenham River is one of the main concerns for council. While she’s not sure of all the details she says “I’ve learned the municipality has to jump through a lot of hoops” to meet the Ministry of the Environments’ requirements before even building a new system.

What are other issues you think are important?

“Getting young families to live and stay in Dawn-Euphemia.”

Who do you do that?

“It is hard to pinpoint how to do that although you definitely have to keep the school open,” she says. Gray is pleased the current government has extended the moratorium on closing schools Dawn-Euphemia Public is among the smallest school populations in Lambton and Kent and is vulnerable for closure.

What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good councillor?

“I’m a good listener and if someone asks me a question and I don’t know, I’ll go look for the answers.”