Newell wants to focus on arts, tourism in Brooke-Alvinston


Lori Newell wants to help promote the good things in Brooke-Alvinston.
The 48 year-old food consultant is seeking a councillors’ position Oct. 22.
Newell ran for council in 2005 and was unsuccessful against the other 17 other council candidates.
But after watching the difficulties the municipality was having with the Inwood firefighters resigning, she felt she might be able to help resolve the situation.
Why do you want to be on council?
“I think there is lots of good things going on around our municipality and I believe I have the time and the energy to contribute.”
What are some of the good things going on?
“We have a wonderful staff, we have a great community center, our arts and activity group and our community group are moving forward.”
Is there one particular problem you hoped to help solve?
“I think the issues with our Inwood Fire Department need to be resolved.”
How can that be done?
“I think we need to open communication I think we really need to listen to both sides and really resolve that.”
But if there are regulations from the province on training that must be followed, how do you solve this?
“I think they need to be willing to work together. There are regulations and they do need to be followed.”
The province recently announced it would not force new training standards on municipal and volunteer fire departments – do you think that might lead to a solution?
“I would hope so but I still think they need to stay up to date on training, provide records and follow the guidelines of the municipality as well.”
Do you think the project by the Alvinston Optimist at the community centre should be moving ahead or should the municipality be renovating portions of the building?
“I think, it is two different entities.
“I think the municipality has to maintain the facilities it already has and keep them up to date.
“I think it is a great project the Alvinston Optimist created but I think they will need to do some fundraising and look toward grants and other options to finance.”
Some people argue the project would be too expensive to maintain.
“Any community centre is a white elephant. They never make money. They usually run on a deficit. I think we have to maintain our current facilities and we have to sustain an affordable budget. We need to promote the facility that we currently have before we talk about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and talk about future maintenance and upkeep.”
Are there any projects or ideas or things you would like to champion as a councillor?
“We have a beautiful municipality. We have a great river that runs through it. We have a wonderful conservation area so I think we need to promote that. We do have a great recreation community centre, lots of great community groups. the arts and activities group has really worked hard on bringing and publicizing local artists, I think we really have to focus on that.
“There is so much good going on in our community, we do need to just look at that.”
What personal qualities you have that will help you as a municipal councillor?
“I have strong leadership skills, strong conflict resolution skills, I know how to run a budget and I actually used to work at the community centre …so I have an insight there.”