Farm equipment shed on Lambton Line destroyed


There has been another fire which has destroyed a farm equipment shed.

Dawn-Euphemia and St. Clair firefighters were called to a home on Lambton Line near Mandaumin Road about 5 pm. Dawn-Euphemia Deputy Fire Chief Don Ewing says by the time firefighters arrived it was completely engulfed in flames.

Ewing says the homeowner noticed the flames and called 9-1-1. “She knew how to run the tractor with the (snow) blade on it, so she got it out then couldn’t get back into the shed.” The shed contained tractors, a combine and grain wagons as well as other equipment used on the farm.

Fire crews poured water on the shed and protected the nearby home until after 8 pm.

St. Clair Township Fire Chief Walt Anderson estimates damage at about $300,000.

The cause, he says, is accidental.


  1. “Fire crews poured water on the shed…”. Of course they did. It isn’t Fahrenheit 451. Who the hell wrote this? The next issue is this – Did they actually put the fire completely out, or will they have to be called back in the morning, because the fire wasn’t COMPLETELY out, like a recent business fire in Huron County, and a barn fire in Middlesex County?

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