Wyoming residents want answers on dismissals at fire hall

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About 40 people carrying signs protested the dismissal of three senior members of the Wyoming fire department Friday afternoon.

Three firefighters were dismissed Tuesday after two investigations by a human resources firm. Chief Steve Clemens would not say why the three senior department members were let go saying it was a personnel matter.

One day later, four firefighters gave notice of their resignation and retirement after criticizing the move to the chief during a training meeting.

Residents walked by Southwest Credit Union and the Plympton-Wyoming Municipal offices carrying signs saying the chief should resign and taxpayers want answers to what has occurred.

They’re calling on council members to hold a public meeting on the issue.


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3 Responses to “Wyoming residents want answers on dismissals at fire hall”

  1. Mike Herrington

    To the FF in Plympton Wyoming, I support you 100%, keep up the great work and stand up for yourselves…
    In Solidarity,

    Mike Herrington

  2. Justshosedragger

    I’m not 100% sure but is this another case of the “new chief” running anyone who may have an opposing opinion out the door? Didn’t another new chief almost kill a firefighter because his arrogant way blinded him from hearing the caution of a captain tell him firefighters should not be in a house of lightweight construction materials – ya never know who’s watching !

  3. Dave Couture

    If any concerned citizens involved in this fire service matter want to share concerns, regarding another human resources matter, please contact me.

    Dave Couture
    [email protected]


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