Warwick holding a homestyle maple syrup festival Sunday


Warwick Township is going to spread a little sweetness around the community.

It’s holding a homestyle maple syrup festival April 12.

The two maple syrup festivals in Watford and Warwick scheduled in March were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mayor Jackie Rombouts says the Watford Optimist Club, which was involved in the event, was disappointed. 

“They were upset it was cancelled; they wanted to do something and that got the wheels turning,” says Rombouts. “We thought, we can still do it, we just can’t do it all together.”

So, Rombouts and the Optimist worked with the maple syrup supplier and soon volunteers will be delivering 250 ml bottles to every resident in the township.

Rombouts says volunteers who will screened for COVID-19, will take training in physical distancing, then deliver the maple syrup right to resident’s mailbox after wiping it down with a disinfectant.

Rombouts says township residents will be getting information about the event in their mailbox. There will be a pamphlet which says “have a sweet Sunday on us, share your photos of everybody enjoy pancakes with syrup…with the hashtag Warwick is Sweet.

“It’s just to have fun and let the community know we’re all in this together.”

And there will be a gentle reminder to residents about staying safe.

“We’re going to encourage social distancing in a nice way….we’re all staying at home but nothing is going to stop our community from enjoying a maple syrup homestyle festival.”