There is dancing in the streets in Courtright

    Heather Wright Photo Neighbours dance along as Cassandra Graham leads her Courtright street in a jive to ABBA’s Mamma Mia Tuesday afternoon.

    Alex Kurial/Local Journalism Initiative

    It may be tough to keep track of time when you’re stuck at home all day, but residents of Thompson St. in Courtright always know when 2 o’clock rolls around.

    It is precisely when the music starts from the front porch of Cassandra and Will Graham’s home and dancing up and down the street begins. It is a scene that would make David Bowie and Mick Jagger proud.

    People line the road, (social distance style of course), and proceed to cut loose and rock away to the day’s song.

    Leading the way are the Graham’s, Cassandra dancing while Will live streams in a costume to match the tune. 

    “It was a beautiful day, and I thought you know what, I’m in my pyjamas, my hair hasn’t been washed in two days – I’m going outside and dancing, and I don’t care who sees me,” Cassandra says on how the activity got started back in April.

    “So I went outside, I played a song on my little speaker, and just danced.”
    To highlight her defiant mood, the first song Cassandra chose was appropriately Survivor’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.

    The mood was infectious, and before long neighbors were joining in for the daily event.
    Some participate from their driveways. Others are up and down the street. Many have an accompanying drink in their hand. Cassandra says it’s been great for bringing people together.

    “During all this, we’ve gotten to know like every house here. I’m just happy everybody’s having a good time.

    “Every day they’re messaging our conversation asking what song is it today or are we doing it today,” Cassandra says.

    While Cassandra is the star of the show, her husband William leaves his mark entertainment wise as well.

    His outfits are chosen to match the song in a creative way, either donning an iconic look from the artist, or pieces relating to the theme.

    For a recent performance of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’, William sported a hat and jacket straight out of the music video.

    There are some stipulations for the dancing to take place. It needs to be at least 12 degrees outside, and no rain. As long as those conditions are in place, Cassandra says she has no plans to halt the afternoon performances. 

    “We’ve had requests online from Sarnia and from London. We’ve had people drive here from Sarnia and London. It’s fun, and I’m happy that people look forward to it as a moment to get out of their house and say hi to the neighbors while trying to keep their distance,” she says.