Over 100 pounds of ecstasy seized at Bluewater Bridge

A transport passes over the Bluewater Bridge from Sarnia to Port Huron. File Photo

US Customs agents inspecting transports heading into the US discovered over 100 pounds of ecstasy at the Bluewater Bridge.

A US Customs and Border Protection news release says officers in Port Huron were inspecting inbound commercial cargo shipments when 113 pounds of vacuum-sealed packages were found among a shipment of legitimate goods July 25.

Ecstasy seized from a commercial truck heading to the US by US Border Protection officers July 25.

Testing found it was MDMA also known as ecstasy. It’s not clear how much the drugs would have been worth on the street.

The drugs were seized and the tuck was detained for further investigation by Homeland Security’s Border Enforcement Task Force in Port Huron.