Fawn Island residents use docks, but don’t own them


Alex Kurial
Local Journalism Initiative

Just who owns the Sombra docks at Fawn Island has been questioned.

St. Clair Township council recently hear two of the docks were recently removed, with plans for replacement. 

The move sparked discussion over who actually owns the docks. They are currently located on St. Clair Township property. The municipality acquiring them following the disbanding of the Parkway Commission.

Many residents of Fawn Island say they had negotiated ownership of the docks with either the former Sombra Township nor the parkway commission, however council found that they have no records of any agreements.

Fawn Island residents have not produced any agreement either.  
Council decided that they will allow Fawn Island residents to continue using the docks, but said as owners of the docks they will look into options to address safety issues.