Inwood father and daughter win $16 million

John and Melissa Wright of Inwood have claimed the $16 million winning prize in Lotto 649's June 24.

Melissa Wright will have a hard time topping this Father’s Day gift.

The 47 year old Inwood nurse went to Hogan’s Pharmacy in Petrolia and picked up a Lotto 6/49 ticket for the June 24th draw for her dad, John – an 88 year-old retired tank cleaner. “What do you get for a man who doesn’t need anything?” Melissa says in a news release issued by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

Melissa checked the ticket on the lottery’s app. “I couldn’t believe my eyes and I checked it a few more times. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep!”

With a $16,058,552.50 win, Melissa had one thing in mind. Her husband had been John by a new car. “I said, ‘You can order Dad any car he wants, we just won $16 million!’”

Melissa’s husband, who had been helping his father-in-law in the purchase of a new vehicle, received a call at work. Melissa recalled.

“And now, the price is no object!” said John in a news release. “Otherwise, we’ll be putting the money into an investment while we let this win sink in.”

“It’s great. For so many years I did without and it’s wonderful for me to have this financial freedom,” Wright said.

“Dad deserves every penny,” added Melissa.

OLG officials said the Inwood pair declined to talk to the media about their win.