Students from Brooke Central sent home for two weeks after COVID-19 outbreak declared


Seven COVID cases at Watford Catholic School

Students at Brooke Central School will be learning from home for the next two weeks after Lambton Public Health declared an outbreak at the Alvinston area school.

In a letter to parents posted on the school’s website, John Howitt, director of education for the Lambton Kent District School Board says public health found two of the cases in the school have screened positive for a variant of concern and that there had been spread in the school.

The variants of COVID-19 spread easier than the original virus which has caused a world wide pandemic.

“As a result of the outbreak and the identification of variants of concern in the school community, Lambton Public Health is requiring the school to close to students and have students transition to remote, teacher-led online learning for a period of at least 14 days,” say Howitt.

“We regret the disruption that this may cause to you and your families.”

The COVID-19 advisory goes on to say the school will be deep cleaned while the students continue classes online.

Letter to Brooke Central Public School parents/guardians

Lambton Public Health Fact Sheet

Meantime, three more cases of COVID-19 have been found at St. Peter Canisus. There are now seven students with the virus there. Two classrooms have been closed.

In a letter to parents, public health officials say the spread of the virus among the students happened outside the school, so an outbreak has not been declared.