New fundraiser to be hired at VPP


Heather Wright/The Independent

Victoria Playhouse Petrolia will be hiring a full-time professional fundraiser with a $135,000 Trillium Grant.

The plan, according to Director of Marketing, Arts and Communications in Petrolia, Laurissa Ellsworth, says the money will pay for the salary and supplies for a professional fundraiser to help in a large-scale fundraising campaign. The fundraiser will also deal with the existing sponsorship and donor programs.

Ellsworth says a larger scaled fundraising drive is being considered “for some identified accessibility changes to the Hall…potentially an additional passenger elevator, freight elevator), and additional washrooms are part of the considerations that will come to council in greater detail this summer/early fall.” 

“The large scale campaign would be a fully fundraised project with potential grant funding. There is no ask of the ratepayer being considered,” says Ellsworth.