GO VAXX bus meets protesters, again, this time in Petrolia


Alex Kurial/Local Journalism Initiative

The provincial GO VAXX bus at Petrolia’s Farmers’ Market Monday is vaccinating some of the 20 per cent of Lambton residents who need the COVID-19 shot.

And as it has all weekend, staff of the bus and people using the facility are facing protestors.

The bus has been in Lambton since Friday to help with the vaccination drive against COVID-19. And as it has stopped in a parking lot in either Sarnia or Mooretown, it’s been faced with the same group of protestors.

When people arrive to receive the vaccine, the group tries to convince them the shot – which has been approved by Health Canada and has eased the number of people who have become ill this fall – isn’t safe.

Here, one of the protestors squares off with Bill Gaunt – who has been working on the GO VAXX bus during its Lambton tour.

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