Central Lambton municipalities get twice as much cash for roads and bridges


Christmas has come early for small and rural municipalities.

The provincial government is more than doubling the amount of cash it hands out for infrastructure to communities under 100,000 people.

In Lambton County, that means there will be a total of $12.5 million flowing in for projects such as roads and bridges.

Petrolia is one of the big winners, it will get about $540,000 more in 2022 than last year’s grant of $338,441.

All the other municipalities’ grants double including St. Clair Township which will receive $2.25 million in 2022 and Oil Springs, which now receives $100,000 instead of $50,000.

The Thursday announcement is part of a $1 billion investment to help build and repair roads, bridges, water and waste water infrastructure in smaller communities. The grants can be saved up to five years to finish a major project.