OPP charge protestor after Saturday convoy through Lambton

This quarry truck was part of a 40 vehicle convoy through Lambton Feb. 19. It made its way through Petrolia on the way back to the Warwick Township farm where protesters held up during a six day blockade of Highway 402. The driver of the quarry truck plead guilty to mischief over $5,000.

Lambton OPP have charged a man after the latest convoy on Lambton roads.

Around 4 pm Saturday, police stopped a large quarry truck driving on Egremont Road in Warwick Township. The truck had been part of a protest which started at Egremont and Forest Road around 10:45 am that day and made its way into Sarnia and then back to an Egremont Road farm through Petrolia.

The vehicle was stopped near the farm where protesters were meeting after the convoy through the streets. Police arrested the driver.

Officials allege he’d been involved in last week’s blockade of Highway 402 for six days at the Forest Road exit.

The protestors used the farm at the highway for a base camp during the protest in support of the Freedom Convoy which parked transports in Ottawa from Jan. 28 until Sunday. The protest was organized by Canada Unity to remove all COVID-19 mandates including vaccine mandates for international truck drivers. The group planned to remove the current government with the help of the senate and the governor general to meet their goals. Over the weekend, the main organizers were arrested and charged with various offences. Police have also cleared most of the protesters out of downtown Ottawa after the federal government invoked the Emergency Act. MP’s are to vote today whether to approve the move retroactively. The legislation allowed police to seize bank accounts of people who donated to the protesters and allowed police to form a single command to clear the protest.

The act requires a full accounting of what happened through an inquiry after the incident is over.

Today, the OPP said the protest in Lambton County last week is being investigated by the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch.

Meantime, Steve Verberne is facing two criminal charges; mischief and operating a vehicle while prohibited.

He’s also facing five Highway Traffic Act charges including failing to stop at a stop sign and driving a commercial motor vehicle with an improper licence.