Warwick meeting pay going up


The next Warwick councillors will be getting $20 more per meeting – that’s a 20 per cent increase.

At the June 20 meeting, Treasurer Trevor Jarrett presented a report which would see the annual rate of pay given to council members remain the same but the per meeting pay increase from $100 to $120 per meeting. At the same time, councillors wouldn’t be able to file mileage claims within the township borders.

The move comes after a study of other communities pay rates. “There is no consistent method of remuneration among the 11 County of Lambton municipalities; however, there are several trends; the larger the population base, the larger the base pay; increases are generally tied to either CPI or CUPE/staff increases; and given the significant increase in meals at restaurants, travel per diems have increased significantly,” wrote Jarrett.

“In order to save internal processing costs and to reduce potential submissions errors, there are municipalities abandoning mileage within municipal borders and offsetting these expenditures with higher per meeting fees.”

Jarrett also pointed out that one committee of council – the committee of adjustment – is paid per application they hear. He recommended they go to a flat meeting rate, like council and other committees.

“It is anticipated that the proposed increase in Per Meeting rates and travel Per Diem will add an additional $7,500 and $10,000 in costs to the Township of Warwick,” Jarrett wrote.

“Part of this increase will be offset by the anticipated savings in processing costs of mileage claims and offset further once the Committee of Adjustments is aligned with the Per Meeting rate of other committees of Council.”
In 2021, Warwick Township spent $77,022.90 to pay the mayor, councillors and those on committees of council. Over $44,000 of that came from the meeting pay.

The rates will increase for the next council members on Nov. 15.