Lambton band’s hockey anthem making its mark

Submitted Photo Adam Veen, who is a musician, entrepreneur and Oil Springs councillor, as seen in the video Drop the Mitts which was shot at the Alvinston arena with members of the Killer Bees.

Adam Veen had an idea for the quintessential Canadian song and now that song is playing in arenas far and wide.

Veen and the band Aces High recently wrote “Drop The Mitts” a hard driving song which is a throw back to “old school hockey.”

The musician and Oil Springs councillor says the song “talks about traveling in the beat up bus and the long hours on the road. And just for the love of the game and being out there and doing what you love.”

While many of the band members played hockey, the life of an old school hockey player is the same as many musicians “they travel the roads and late nights on the road, just to do what you love.”

The video – produced by Paradox Images – features some of the players from the Alvinston Killer Bees at the Brooke-Alvinston Inwood Arena.

“We had a couple of players that were able to make it out during the day…we had some of the Alvinston Killer Bees players come out and act as opposing players during the video and kind of doing some sparring on the ice. Everybody had a big kick out of it… We’re more than happy to have them involved with it.”
The Killer Bees have been using the song at their games, but the anthem has also been getting attention in other corners.

“The Danbury Thrashers, the infamous junior hockey team, they created kind of like an MMA slash hockey style competition. So their inaugural event, they were utilizing that song for it.

“That was really awesome to get that kind of recognition and notice from some people that are trying to make some waves and do some new things in the sports entertainment world,” says Veen.

While the song is being used by a couple of clubs, Veen is hoping to attract more interest.

He’s approached the Sarnia Sting hoping to some day see the video on the big screen at the Progressive Auto Centre during a game.