LCCVI brings classic board game story to the stage

Heather Wright Photo The shock of murder is all too much for Mrs. Peacock, played by Ella Taylor, and Mrs. White - Irelind Farr - as the LCCVI student cast of the murder mystery Clue practice for their upcoming performance. For the first time in a decade, the Lancers will grace the stage at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia March 8 to 11.

It is a classic who-done-it that will be familiar to people who love board games.

Over 30 staff and students at LCCVI are putting the finishing touches on the first play staged at Victoria Playhouse in a decade. The March 8 -10 play is based on the classic board game Clue.

“You’re in the same rooms, and it’s all the same characters like Professor Plum, Scarlet, Miss White, all of them. And the weapons are the exact same. And it’s this whole idea … it’s like a who-done-it, like, in what room, where?” says Director Christina Langstaff.

The director says while older audience members will remember the mystery board game, the students didn’t need to be brought up to speed. They had all played Clue as well, she says.

“Isn’t that funny? It’s like these classics. They just stick around.”

Over the last two years, the drama department has staged some smaller events including a haunted house at Halloween. But this is the first time since the pandemic for a full-scale play. And it’s the first time in over a decade LCCVI has brought the play on the big stage at Victoria Playhouse. It’s a lot of work – the students have been rehearsing since September – but Langstaff says the community is pitching in.

“The students and the community, like companies, partnerships have just been so supportive, in terms of like time and donations, and the community at the school helping us out. So it’s been incredible,” she says

“They’re just excited to see that, like the youth of our community participating together. And this is really a great accomplishment … all the work that goes into a show.”

Langstaff adds a lot of community members remember their time being in high schools show so they “have this love, and so they want to support us.”

“It’s really been incredible to see everybody kind of step up and be creative and help us all do it together.”

Langstaff says tickets to closing night are going fast and the elementary school performances are already sold out. 

Tickets for the show can be purchased at the VPP box office.