LCCVI principal investigates anti-trans t-shirt flashed at graduation

LCCVI students file into the gym for graduation June 7, 2023.

LCCVI’s principal is investigating his options after a graduate flashed a T-Shirt with an anti-trans slogan during the graduation ceremony.

About 178 students crossed the stage at the Petrolia high school Thursday night to be recognized for four years of work.

A student flashes a t-shirt with an anti-trans and binary slogan during the LCCVI graduation.
Heather Wright Photo

Toward the end of the presentation of diplomas, one student received his diploma, unzipped his graduation robe, smiled and showed the crowd a black T-shirt with the words “there is only two genders” to the cheers of some of the students at the ceremony.

Sources say the student has been selling the shirts online for some time.

“It’s very upsetting for me,” Principal Greg Nemcek tells The Independent. “I take my school to heart. It hurts.”

Nemcek plans to investigate the incident and see what repercussions there may be for the student.

The incident, Nemcek agreed, underlines how tough it is to break biases and promote inclusivity.

“It’s an ongoing educational issue – even for me. It’s very tough,” he says.

In this submitted photo, politicians, Petrolia Town Staff, LCCVI administrators and the student council mark the unveiling of the the PRIDE sidewalk at the corner of Queen and Dufferin in Petrolia Thursday, just before graduation.

The incident came the same day the school and the Town of Petrolia officially unveiled a PRIDE sidewalk at the corner of Queen and Dufferin Streets. Before the official unveiling, skid marks could be seen on the fresh paint.