Students at Queen Elizabeth using new gym and classes while work continues

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Students at Queen Elizabeth Public School are now using the new parts of their school.

The Lambton-Kent District School Board is spending $6.2 million on the building. The first phase of construction, which included a new gym and new, bright and airy classrooms for the junior grades, was completed over the summer and are now in use.

“We’re a little over 50 percent done,” says Principal Todd Hayward as contractors and cleaning staff tried to get things in order for the students return.

While the students attend classes this year, the old gym will be turned into administration offices, classrooms and a library.

Hayward says while it seems a little hectic; once students get into the rhythm of a school day, they aren’t bothered by the construction around them. But, Hayward says it takes work to make things run smoothly during construction.

“This is unprecedented,” he says. “This has never really been done before…doing an addition and renovations at the same time is a engineering experience. The coordinating involved is unique and you have to maintain the environment for the children.”

Hayward jokes one of the bigger problems teachers may face is the new floor to ceiling windows in one of the Grade One rooms which looks out onto the construction site. He says it may be a little difficult to keep student’s attention in the classroom while the work goes on this year.

– Heather Wright