Breakfast for a brother


Dawn-Euphemia volunteer firefighters are helping a Rodney firefighter injured on the way to a fire.
Arrie Turner was on his way to an accident on the 401 caused by black ice when his pickup truck rolled Jan. 10. He’s still in the hospital in critical condition and he may never walk again. It’s a very uncertain time for Turner’s family says Dawn-Euphemia firefighter Scott Gawley, who is also the CAO of West Elgin of which Rodney is a part.
“It’s a sad, sad situation,” says Gawley who has been finding counselors to help firefighters from West Lorne who responded to Turner’s accident
Gawley says how to get to a fire is part of firefighter training, but there are still accidents. “We’re to respond to an emergency but there is a lot to think about on the way to a scene.”
Gawley, who lives in Dawn-Euphemia and volunteers for the local department, says the local association decided $500 from Sunday’s Firemen’s Breakfast would go to help cover some of Turner’s extra medical expenses.
“A lot of departments all over the area are donating to West Elgin County,” he says. “Firefighters are just a group that cares; that’s why they do what they do. Firefighters are there for the community and that hits home right now.”