PHOTO: A lifetime of love


On Valentine’s Day, We thought we’d share this lovely photo which think depicts life-long love.

This was one of the scenes when Fiddick’s officially opened the 36 new nursing beds at their Petrolia facility. Hugh and Nancy MacDougall are two of the people benefiting from the beds.

The pair, who are the in-laws of Lambton County Deputy Warden Bev MacDougall, recently moved to Fiddick’s after Nancy spent some time in hospital.

Nancy needed nursing care and Hugh was to live in the retirement home side of the building. Everyday Hugh would go to be with Nancy in her room until one evening he refused to leave saying it was about time he slept with his wife again.

The staff at Fiddick’s worked quickly to get the pair into one of the new rooms for couples and during Thursday’s tour to see the renovated facility, the couple could be seen lying together on a single bed, holding hands, content just to be together.


  1. Instantly my elderly parents-in-law come to mind… They spent their last years in separate beds and I remember both of them lamenting not being able to sleep in one bed. After more than 60 years.. I pleaded with the two different nursing homes, but it “couldn’t be done”.
    I’m so happy that these two beautiful people found a way, together with a wonderful staff at this facility. It’s too late for my husband’s parents, but I truly hope more couple will be able to benefit from this arrangement!
    Wonderful, uplifting story!

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