Petrolia water reservoir on Confederation Line needs to be rebuilt

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Petrolia needs to build a new water reservoir.

It’s planning to build two, new steel water storage tanks at the site of the existing Mandaumin Reservoir on Confederation Line in Plympton-Wyoming. It will cost $2.7 million.

The reservoir is a holding tank at the mid-way point between Petrolia and its water treatment plant in Bright’s Grove. It’s been in need of repairs for some time and has been on a list of capital projects.

Mike Thompson, director of operations, says in the spring, the town assessed the condition of the current reservoir. The plan at the time had been to build one new storage tank and refurbish the current cement reservoir. “We were going to try to re-use it but it is too old.”

Thompson says the cost of repairs for the last remaining concrete water storage tank in southern Ontario would simply be too high.

Instead, the town plans to build two above ground steel tanks lined with fiberglass. The tanks will be visible to the public with the town’s logo on it.

The town has already applied for a $2 million provincial grant for the project and is in the final selection process.

Thompson plans a public meeting on the project Dec. 14 to allow for public input.