Time capsule to mark 150 years of Petrolia


2016 will be a year of collecting memories for Petrolia Town Councillor Mary Pat Gleeson.

She’s spearheading a drive to bury a time capsule in 2017.

The idea started after Gleeson watched contractors pull up artifacts during construction on Petrolia Line last summer.

After doing some research, she found it was 1866 Lambton County approved the establishment of the Village of Petrolea to take affect in 1867. Gleeson thought the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the village was a great reason to celebrate and start a time capsule.

Gleeson says there will be a few requirements – for example documents will need to be on museum quality paper so they will remain intact for 50 years – but she’s open to all kinds of artifacts for the capsule. Gleeson has already collected a number of items including a copy of The Independent, a pair of jeans “because they’re cool to wear now” and a copy of the Farmers’ Almanac.

Gleeson and her committee are also trying to figure out how to include technology in the project. She would like to put a DVD or a CD in the time capsule, but wonders how well they will keep and if people 50 years ago will be able to view their contents.

Gleeson says St. Philip’s School will also rally the local schools to help contribute to the project.

“I would love it if a child wrote an essay on what Petrolia will look like 50 years from now,” she says. It was a project Gleeson took on when a time capsule was created at her school when she was in Grade 8.

Gleeson says artifact will be accepted all year, then on New Year’s Day 2017, the capsule will be buried at a yet to be disclosed location.